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Song: Here's To The Wingman
Band: Coors Light

Date: May 6, 2003
From: Charlie Ellis and Ray Chou
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This one goes out to all the real homies... cuz we've all been there.

This is the song that's in Coors Light's commercial "Here's To The Wingman"
The basic chords are here, listen to the song to figure out the strumming and fillers.
An outro we made up is added in brackets, it's not part of the commercial though.

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Dsus2: xx0230
G:     320022
D:     xx0232
A:     x02220
Bm:    224432
F#:    244322


Dsus2 (strum slowly once)
 This chick's rockin' your bro on the dance floor...
Dsus2                 G
 But she's towing an anchor
D            G
 A junior investment banker
Bm                        A
 Who's talking about herself
 And not much more--ore, ooh
D             Bm
 So buy her a beer
 It's the reason you're here
 Mighty wingman
               D           A
 You're taking one for the team
          Bm        A        G
 So your buddy can live the dream
F#     G-D   [A, Bm, A, G, A, Dsus2, D]