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From: Trace Gunsch 

Save the People
from the musical "Godspell"
written by Stephen Schwartz

G              C/G
When wilt thou save the people

Am       D
O God of mercy when?

G             C/G
Not kings and lords, but nations
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Am              F           Dsus     D
Not thrones and crowns, but men?

Em      Bm     C    D
Flowers of Thy heart

Em  Bm      C   D
Oh God are they

Em   Bm       C         G/B   Am
let them not pass like weeds away

      Am/G   G    G C/G G C/G G
their heritage 

   Am/G     G    G C/G G C/G G
of sunless days

Eb   F       D
God save the people