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One Song Glory Chords

This is one of my favorite songs from Rent.  The whole show is great but this is the one
that actually moved me to tears the first time I heard it.  OK the chords here are straight
out of the music book. It’s not really on-key if you try it with the soundtrack, but it’s a
step in the right direction. 
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G               Em                 C    D              Em                  C 
 One song glory one song before I go glory one song to leave behind.  Find one song one 
D         Em                           C      D     Em                        G
last refrain glory from the pretty-boy frontman who wasted opportunity.  One song, he 
                     Em                           C         D    Em              G
had the world at his feet glory in the eyes of a young girl...a young girl.  Find glory 
                         Em                                   C       D    Em
beyond the cheap colored lights, one song before the sun sets.  Glory on another empty 
     C        D  Em          G   Am  C G            Am C G                 Am C G D/F# Em    G
life.  Time flies...time dies.  Glory...one blaze of glory.  One blaze of glory...glory...Find 
                           Em                             C     D         Em        G
glory in a song that rings true, truth like a blazing fire...an eternal flame.  Find one song a 
           Em                              C       D       Em7         C                D
song about love, glory, from the soul of a young man...a young man.  Find the one song 
                        Em7                      C        D      Em7                  C
before the virus takes hold glory like a sunset.  One song to redeem this empty life.  Time 
D Em7                                   C        D     G
flies, and then no need to endure anymore.  Time dies...