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                                 The Rose of Mooncoin
                                                    CAPO  none 
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          C                            F           C
          How sweet tis to roam by the sunny Suirs stream,
              G                F                 C       Em
          And to hear the dove coo neath the morning sun beam,
                    C                          F             C
          Where the thrush and the Robin their sweet notes entwine,
                 G            F                G7      C
          By the banks of the Suir, that flows down by Mooncoin.


          Flow on lovely river, flow gently along

          By your water so fair, sounds the larks merry song,

          By your green banks I'll wander, where first I did join,

          With you lovely Molly, the rose of Mooncoin.


          Oh Molly, dear Molly, it breaks my fond heart,

          To know that we two forever must part,

          I'll think of you Molly, by sun and moonshine,

          On the banks of the Suir that flows down to Mooncoin.


          Then heres to the Suir with her valleys do fair,

          As oft times we wandered, in the cool morning air,

          Where the roses are bloomingand lilies entwine,

          On the banks of the Suir, that flows down to Mooncoin.


          She has sailed far away o'er the dark rolling sea,

          Far away from the hills of her dear Irish home,

          Where the fishermen sports with his small boat and line,

          On the banks of the Suir that flows down to Mooncoin.