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Limerick You Are A Lady Chords

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                                Limerick You're A lady
                                                     CAPO   3  

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          D         A7       D
          Limerick, you're a lady,
          D7   G       Em7                      D
          Your Shannon waters tears of joy that flow,
              Bm          F#m  
          The beauty that surrounds you, 
            Em7             G                A7
          I take it with me love where ere I go,
                D             A7              Bm
          While waking in the arms of distant waters,
                G            Em7           A7  
          A new day finds me far away from home,
               D         A7       D
          Then Limerick, you're a lady,
          D7           Em7         A7        D
          The one true love that I have ever known.

          D                      DMaj7 G               D
          As children you and I, spent endless days of fun,
             G              Em7            D
          In winter snow or summers golden sun,
             Bm                            F#m          Bm
          We fished in silver springs, the fabric of my dreams,
              Em7                               G            D7
          Was fashioned by your loveliness, and so I have to say,


          A gift that time has made, to travelers on their way,

          Seeking out the beauty of our land,

          A shrine where children pray, and bells ring out to say,

          Thank God we're living just to feel, the freedom of each day,