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                                 The Merry Ploughboy
                                                       CAPO   2  
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_irish/jolly_ploughboy_crd.html ]
          C            G7                                  C
          I am a merry ploughboy, and I plow the fields by day,
                        G7                                         C
          Till a sudden thought came to my mind, that I should run away,
                                G7                                C
          Now I've always hated slavery, since the day that I was born,
                 G7                                        C 
          So I'm off to join the IRA, and I'm off tomorrow morn.


          So, we're off to Dublin, in the Green in the Green,
          Where the helmets glisten in the sun,
          Where the bayonets flash and the rifles crash,
          To the echo of a Thompson gun.

          Now I leave aside my old gray coat, and I leave aside my plough,
          And I leave aside my horse and yoke, no more I'll need them now.
          And I'll take my short revolver, and my bandolier of lead,
          And live or die I can but try to avenge my countries dead.


          Now there's one I leave behind me, she's the coleen I adore,
          And I  wonder will she think  of me, when she  hears them cannons
          Ah, but when the war is over, and when dear old Ireland's free,
          I will take  her to the church  to wed, and a  rebels wife she'll