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Long Black Veil 

Ten years ago on a cold dark night
      D      D7              C         G
There was someone shot 'neath the town hall light
Few were at the scene but they all agree
    D            D7               C        G
That the man did the shooting looked a lot like me
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The judge said "Son, what is your alibi
If you were somewhere else you won't have to die"
I spoke not a word, though it meant my life
For I'd been in the arms of my best friends wife

   C       G           C     D7    G
She walks these hills in a long black veil
   C     G               C     D7      G
She visits my grave while the night winds wail
       B7     C      G
Nobody knows, nobody sees,
A7      D7       G
Nobody knows but me

The scaffold was high, and eternity near
She stood in the crowd, but she shed not a tear
But sometimes late at night, when the cold wind moans
She visits my grave, and she cries o'er my bones


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