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"Don't Take It Too Bad" Townes Van Zandt, from "Live at the Old Quarter" CD

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country strum with bass pickin'
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_country/dont_take_it_too_bad_crd.html ]
C                               F                                   C
Don't you take it too bad, if you're feelin' unlovin'
                              G      G7                          C
If you're feelin' unfeelin, if you're feelin' alone
Don't you take it too bad, cause it ain't you to blame, babe
                                            G        G7
well it's some kind of game, babe, out of all of this living, 
that we've got left to do.

Aw if you go searchin, for rhyme or for reason
well then you won't have the time that it takes just for talkin
about the places you've been, babe, and the faces you've seen, babe
and how soft the time flies past your window at night.

And we just can't have that girl, cause it's a hard lonesome cold world
and a man needs a woman to stand by his side
and whisper sweet words in his ears about daydreams
and roses and playthings, and the sweetness of springtime
and the sound of the rain.