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Mickey Mouse - Club House Tab

okay so, i was looking at the other tabs and so far all i see is wtf? so heres my 
of the HOTDOG, HOTDOG, HOT-DIGGITY DOG song and learned it by ear. it's almost the same as 
the chorus from scotty doesnt know but they just an A power chord on the 5th fret. SO ENJOY :)

Tunning: Standard(egdaE)

x: scratch strings with pick.
you may to play it slow at first but try and build up your speed as it get gets easier. 
those who can play fast remember UP and DOWN on the whole song includng the x's

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_cartoons/mickey_mouse_club_house_tab.html ]
hotdog hotdog hotdiggity
e-------------------|      e------------|------------------------------|
b-------------------|      b------------|------------------------------|
g-----4xx-5x-5-55xxx|  x3  g-5----------|x555x-555x-2xx-5--------------|
d-5xx-4xx-5x-5-55xxx|      d-5(8 times)-|x555x-555x-2xx-5(let it ring)-|
a-5xx-2xx-3x-7-77xxx|      a-7----------|x777x-333x-4xx-3--------------|
E-3xx---------------|      E------------|------------------------------|

thats it enjoy