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The Way Im Into You Tab

 John McIntosh

Bm                         A                   G
 Well I asked the stars to shine for you tonight
        Bm                A                         G
 Cuz I love to watch the starlight dancing in your eyes
  Bm                      A                         G
 And I prayed that I'd do everything just right tonight 
            A7?(let it ride)
 and maybe you'd be mine
Bm                                A                      G
 Oh the warm night breeze and the smell of Lilac in the air
      Bm                   A                        G
 You look so pretty and I love the way you dir your hair
 Like you dont have a care
 when I see you standing there
                        G    A
 Cant help but think Im dreaming
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      Bm             A                 G
And I hope your into me the way I'm into you
      Bm                             A            G
We're not gonna rush its though it's very hard to conceal 
the way I feel about you
       Bm                     A                  G
we'll take our time cuz we've both been hurt before by a slamming door
         A7              Em   
I feel alive again, motivated again
        G                  A
I feel alive again and its all because of you

Verse 2
Bm                           A                G
It's been so long since I've had anything to cheer about
   Bm                        A                    G
A heart can shatter and we pick up the pieces and glue em back
Bm                  A                     G
I was down and the whole world seemed in shades of gray
then I heard your name
and saw your face
             Bm                    A    
You made the sky turn blue and the grass turn green
     G                        G       A
the sunshine yellow and your lips are pink
    Bm             A                G
you make me think about you all the time
another bottle of wine
girl you look so fine
             G                      A
I pray that you'll be mine till the end of time