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(Cmaj7)Lovin' (Bm7)you is (Am7)easy
 'cause you're (Gmaj7)beautiful
(Cmaj7)Makin' love with (Bm7)you is 
(Am7)all I want to (Gmaj7)do
(Cmaj7)Lovin' (Bm7)you is (Am7)more than just
 a (Gmaj7)dream come true
(Cmaj7)Everything that I (Bm7)do
 is (Am7)out of lovin' (Gmaj7)you
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(Am7)No one else can (Bm7)make me feel 
the (C)colors that you (Gmaj7)bring
(Am7)Stay with me while (Bm7)we grow old
And (Am7)we will (Bm7)live each (C)day in (D)springtime

Lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
And every day of my life is filled with lovin' you
Lovin' you I see your soul come shining through
And every time that we ooooh I'm more in love with you