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jay s here, have fun with this jiggan song

standard tuning

chords: E, A, D, A,
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_artists/jay_s_tab.html ]
  E          A        D     A
e -0---0-x--0-0--x--0/2-2--0----------------
b -0---0-x--2-2--x--3---3--2/3/2---0/2------
g -1/2-2-x--2-2--x--2---2--2----------------
d -2---2-x--2-2--x--0---0--2----------------
a -2---2-x--0-0--x--x---x--0-----0----------
E -0---0-x--x-x--x--x---x--x----------------

Repeat this a few times, it sounds pretty cool
Have FUN!!!!