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			Dian for me

 c                         g                    Am       F
 I can't do anything until i find u tonight
 c                        g           Am    F
I wanna be back in your arms
c                        g            Am      F
I wanna feel your hair in my face
c                       g            Am       F
tell me this time will never know

Intro  :

Dm    Am   F    2X

Dm  Am   F   g

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		c          E           F     g
		now i thing i'm crazy
		c         E	        F        G#
		now your stuck in my head
		c         E            F             Bb        G#  g
		everything i hear , everything i see
		c        E            F    g  G#  Bb    c
		reminds me of you

c           g      Am             F
now what can i do without u
c             g                Am             F
I'm only a good dreamer in my bed
c       g     Am    F
everything i fear 
c              g           Am                  F
show itself everything you're here

All song & Chord by:  Dona  Junianto 

Dedicated  to  Dian  Junianto

17.06   PM
 June  5th 2002