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Wild Colonial Boy Chords

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Wild Colonial Boy    traditional
  C              F              G7             C
I knew a wild colonial boy Jack Doolan was his name
                  C7                        C
Of poor but honest parents he was born in Castlemaine
   C               G7                                  C
he was his fathers favourite son , his mother hope and joy
                      F               G7            C
The pride of both his parents was the wild colonial boy
   C              F               G7               C
At barely sixteen years of age he left his fathers house
                   C7                             C
Bushranging to the sunny south, Australia, he set out
   C               F                G7               C
He robbed the wiry squatters, their stocks he did destroy
   C        F                 G7            C
A terror to Australia was the wild colonial boy
   C              F                  G7           C
In sixty one this daring youth commenced his wild career
                          C7        G7              C
With a heart that knew no danger no foeman did he fear
   C                   F                 G7                C
He held the Beechworth mail-coach up and robbed Judge MacE voy
                      F                  G7            C
Who trembled and gave up his gold to the wild colonial boy
   C                   F           G7          C
He bade the Judge good morning and told him to beware
                      C7          G7               C
That he'd never rob a hearty chap who acted on the square
C             C7    F             G7           C
And never you rob a mother of her son and only joy
                    F               G7            C
Or else he may turn outlaw like the wild colonial boy
    C                     F           G7          C
One day along the mountainside , Jack nimbly rode along
                        C7     G7                      C
Listening to the little birds, sing their merry little song
C                     C7        G7              C
Up rode three mounted troopers, Kelly Davis and Fitzroy
                      F          G7             C
And cowardly tried to capture the Wild Colonial Boy
C                  F              G7               C
Surrender now Jack Doolin for you see its three to one
                 C7                G7                 C
Surrender in the Queens good name, you daring highway man
C                  F                 G7               C
Jack drew a pistol from his side and waved the lively toy
                    F                    G7            C
"I'll shoot but not surrender" cried the Wild Colonial Boy"
C                   F                    G7         C
He fired at trooper kelly and he brought him to the ground
                   F        G7                C
And on return from Davis re ceived his mortal wound
                    F                G7          C
All tattered in his crimson gore was finished by fitzroy
                  F                G7            C
How cowardly they captured him the wild colonial boy
(this has a wierd C7 that ive forgotten in any case it was an
old convict song. If you were caught even whistling it you were
probably shot for 'trying to escape' or thrown in solitary for and extended

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