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Srtanger And A Rose Tab

"A Stranger and a Rose"

This song is a requiem.

Standard tuning


G     A     D    G
D     G     D    A
D     G     D A Bm
G     A     D

D                     G                   D       G
You always said you'd be my tall dark__   stran___ger
D                    G                  D   A
You always said that you would be my__  ro__se
D                G             D    Bm
Strangers always have a way of lea__vin'
G                    A                   D  
And take the secrets with them when they go____

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G                    A                  D   G
There are times when feelin' don't come ea__sy
D                   G                D  A
There are time when it don't come at a__ll
D              G                 D      A     Bm
Hard times and greevin' the only feelin in my soul
G       A              D
For__ a stranger and a ro_se

D                        G             D   G
You must have heard them voices in the desert
    D               G             D  A
The whisper and the rattle of the wind
      D             G            D    Bm
And a secret in the howl of that coyote
G                A                  D
That the morning sun would take you in

There are times .....
There are times ....
Hard times ....
For a stranger ...

D                       G                D   G
There comes a time when saints turn into angels
    D                  G               D A
And sailors send their ships on out to sea
      D                 G              D   A
There comes a time when strangers seem familar
G                A             Bm
Just before they saddle up and leave