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Ode To Gtu Tab

 e5 022x000 - c5 
clean in verses, distortion for chori 

verse 1: 
the gtu, is all i need, cant help myself, its over me, 
bring all your friends, and post away, it makes me smile, on rainy days 
whenever I, can get on, always the first, to see some 
and yet i no, unless i break, to sit around is such a waste 

im so happy, i dont no why, the gtu, is paradise, i dont wanna, ever go home, can i live here, gtu zone, yay 
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verse 2: 
a world of , im livin in, but i wont crack, i see the end 
i want it more, i need it less, im hooked on gtu i confess 
you know i really couldnt tell, just why I ed my life up so well 
so here we are just for today, ill never make it anyway 



verse 3: 

an now its comin to an end, the suns gone down its time for bed 
just one last post and ill be fine, i cant get off for all time 
this isnt right, i see em all, go play away, or be ignored 
a little topic needs reply, why do i suck oh nevermind 


ending(to chorus riff): im addicted

29/10/02, sunderland university

 I               I
I  i i       i i  I
I   i         i   I
I  i i       i i  I
I                 I
I  "           "  I
 I  """""""""""  I