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Lean On Me Tab

this comes from a bass tab i found and i 
added a few notes here and there because 
it didnt sound right. its my first tab but 
it sounds right.... 

it sounds better if you turn the notes into
power chords. i do that by putting my index
finger on the note that i listed and then my
ring finger a string down and 3 frets down from 
where the first note. and i strum them both. 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc/lean_on_me_tab.html ]
e.g. the first note in this song would be 3 on 
the top string and 5 on the 2nd string...

sorry for the lesson but i know how it is to be
starting off at this.


if youve got any questions about this of anything
involving guit-fiddles hit me up at herbie@beer.com