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How to tell the song key

by       : christian strowitzki
comments : chriseinziger@hotmail.com

            Dm                 Em
                F           G
        Gm                         Bm
             Bb                D

       Cm   Eb                  A   F#m
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             Ab                E
        Fm                         C#m
                Db    Gb     B
           Bbm                  G#m

How to use this circle

I f the key is "C" (major) the letter left* of the
"C" will indicate the subdominant (F) and the one
on the right* the dominant (G).
So you have to use the chords C, F and G
If there are minor chords in the song, they will
be Am, Dm and Em (Usually it would be Em7, but
that means going deeper)
(*right means here clockwise, left means the other
way around)

If the key is Bbm, all* possible chords were: Bbm,
Ebm, Fm, Db, Gb, Ab.
(*if the song really sticks to the standard
scheme, some songs have additional chords which
don't fit to this rule)

The parallel minor scale to C is Am, the parallel
major scale to Fm is Ab.