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Harmonics How To Do Them Tab

  First of all i'd like to say that i'm sick and tired of artificial 
and pinched harmonics being classed as the same thing, it is all over
the internet and in peoples tabs. They are wrong, they are not the 
same thing.
O.K. Now down with business.
   I will first tell you how to do probably the easiest harmonic - 
The Natural Harmonic -
O.K. Place a finger of your fretting hand on a string e.g. the 
G-string (hehehe irresistable) but don't fret the note (pushing 
the string on to the fret board) just very slightly place your finger
above a fret.
Now simply just pluck the string/note as normal.
The most common and easiest to hear/start off with are 7th and 12th.
Which basically means very slightly putting your finger over the 
7th/12th fret and plucking.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc/harmonics_how_to_do_them_tab.html ]
The Pinched Harmonic -
O.K. Fret a note and pluck with the plectrum. But very slightly (and I
mean very slightly) add the edge of your thumb (or any other finger 
but the thumb is the easiest) on the picking hand to the string e.g.
the G-string (hehehe irresistable) straight after you have plucked the 
TIPS: When plucking the string have your thumb on the plectrum very 
low down so that when you do pluck the string it will automatically
hit the string.
      Plucking the string hard seems to help me.
      Plucking the string just above (going from bridge to headstock)
the middle pickup/humbucker works best.

The Artificial Harmonic -
O.K. This is to do with fretting a note then picking it an octave 
above. So the original note should be low down the fret board.
All you need to do is fret a note then pick/pinch/whatever you like
an octave (8 notes, 12 frets e.g. 1 = 13 2 = 14 8 = 20) above.