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Grasshopper1221 Suicide Tab

This is a song I mad up a while ago and thought I'd post it b/c it sounds nice
Tabbed by: Jap (Ham!)

Standard tuning:Capo on 2nd fret(sounds nice and cheery)
  C  Am  Ab   F  G+  

Down/up strokes:
Intro: C Ab Am F Am Ab C

C Ab Am                 F      Am   Ab  C
Su-I-cide, I think I’ll end my life tonight. 
Su-I-cide, It just feels so god damn right.
Su-I-cide, da doo da da da doo da dight. (couldn’t think of any thing)
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C                 F               G+                        C    
If you could just feel this pain, you’ll know they’ll be no other way. 

C                      F                 G+                  C        
I tried so hard to not think of you, but now it seems that’s all I do.

(On this part place pinky on 3rd fret and keep it there until last C chord)
C                    F               G+             C
The memories keep on rushing in, the tear drops run against my skin. 

C                     F                       G+               C
I don’t know why this pain won’t die, so I’ll end my life with suicide. 


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