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Give My Love To Nell Chords

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Date: 11/22/96; 9:58:53 AM
From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham)

Recorded by Bradley Kincaid

[D] Three years ago since Jack and Joe
Set [G] sail across the [D] foam
Each vowed a fortune he would gain
Be-[E] fore returning [A7] home
In [D] one short year Jack gained his wealth
And [G] started home that [D] day
And [G] when the pals shook [D] hands to part
Poor [A7] Joe could only [D] say.
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Give my love to Nellie, Jack
And [G] kiss her once for [D] me
The sweetest girl in all this world
I'm [E] sure you'll say is [A7] she
[D] Treat her kindly Jack, old pal
And [G] tell her I am [D] well
[G] His parting words were [D] don't forget
To [A7] give my love to [D] Nell.

Three years had passed when Jack at last
Gained wealth enough for life
He started home across the foam
To make sweet Nell his wife
But when he learned that Jack and Nell
One year ago had wed
With sobs and threats he now regrets
That he had ever ever said.


They chanced to meet upon the street
Jack said, you selfish "ELF"
The very next girl I learn to love
I'll kiss her for myself
But all is fair in love, they say
As you have gone and wed
I'll not be angry with you pal
So once again he said.