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What About Georgia Chords

You draw it out like a highway with every word that you say
Em                                D
Excuses for the answers that you lack
     D                                  A                               
Your mama's still the steady ground you walk on every day
         Em                A              D
And your daddy's still the monkey on your back
    A                                       Em
Did you find all you thought you'd find out in the wild, wild west?
    Em                                  A
You took a little piece of home and you threw away the rest

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    D                                   A
You say you're livin' on the edge and I think you're hangin' from a ledge
    Em                                    A
Too scared to hold the hand that wants to help you up
    D                                       A
Are you the man you thought you'd be by the time that you turned 33?
        Em                             A
Are you still a bullet in your daddy's gun?
         Em                              A
Don't forget boy you're your mama's only son
Em                                   A
She's at home and she's been praying for ya
              D       A Em A
So what about Georgia?
  D                          A
I saw your sister yesterday, Austin's five and on his way
Em                                 A
Looking for some shoes that he can fill
   D                                    A
He said that he'd be just like you, the coolest guy he ever knew
         Em               A                  D
And he'd find you when he lost his training wheels
A                                 Em
I looked in his big blue eyes and I saw you again
     Em                             A             
He's hungry for a life that he aint ready to begin


A                             Em
Guess you didn't realize it'd take you quite this long
   Em                            A
To figure out that being free is right where you belong


           D           A
What about Georgia? yeah
           D               A
What about Georgia, Georgia? yeah
What about Georgia?