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Time To Get A Gun Chords

Intro.:  | (D) (Em) | (G) (D) | x 4

(D)My neighbor's car got (Em)stole last night (G)right out of his (D)driveway
We (D)heard the dogs (Em)barkin', and we never (G)paid them any (D)mind
And (D)Mary says she's gonna (Em)lock the door from now (G)on when we go a-(D)way
(D)I've been walkin' a-(Em)round this farm (G)wonderin' if it's (A)time

Time to get a (D)gun, that's what I've been (Em)thinkin'
I could af-(G)ford one, if I did just a (A)little less drinkin'
Time to put (D)somethin' between me and the (Em)sun
When the talkin' is (G)over, it's time to get a (D)gun
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Last (D)week a government (Em)man was there when I (G)walked out my back (D)door
He (D)said "I'm sorry to (Em)bother you ma'am, it don't (G)matter any-(D)more
'Cause (D)even while we were (Em)talkin' (G)right here where we (D)stand
They're (D)makin' plans for a (Em)four lane highway and a (G)big old over-(A)pass"

Repeat Chorus

(A)Mary says she's worried a-(Em)bout herself and her kids
(A)Never known anybody had a gun and her (Em)daddy never did
Well, (A)I think it should be up to me 'cause when it's (G)all said and done
(A)Somebody's gotta walk into the night and (G)I'm gonna be that one

Repeat Chorus

When the party is (Em)over, it's time to get a (D)gun

Outro.:  | (Em) (G) | (D) (A) (D)