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Desperation Chords


Throw a dog a bone,
G                      Am G
I'll take it if i have to
C                         G                      Am G
Go real fast like there's somewhere we can get to
C                                G                
What's the use of standing right there on the edge 
Am                         G
if there ain't nowhere to fall
C                            G
What's the use in hanging on tight to the phone
Am                G
If nobody might call
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C G Am G
          C    G       Am G
There's danger in frustration
C                           G
Complicated words slipping off of your tongue and
      Am               F
ain't one of them the truth
      C       G          C
I'm still desperate for you

(same chords as 1st verse)
Tell it like a lie,
live it like a movie
Give a heart away like it don't mean nothing to me
What's the use in making all the plans that we made if you weren't gonna go
What's the use of slapping on a smile for a face if your eyes don't wanna show

[Repeat Chorus:]

Well it's too damn bad you didn't have a chance 
    C                  Am
to make me your best friend
You were too caught up in giving too much up 
     C                           Am
and not doing what you should have been

[Repeat Chorus:]