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Hey, how's it goin.  I'm a huge Minutemen fan and there isn't enough of 
tab of them on the net.  This is a great song off of the Double Nickels
On The Dime CD, and you can also find it on Ballot Result.  My band did
a cover of it on our demo tape.

The intro is the only tough part...

                                   hold this 
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I'm not even going to try to indicate the strumming, it's really fast.  You
can get it by listening to the recording.  Here are the chords:
      E?     and    C?

Just strum them and get the clicks in.  The name of the chords is something 
like E7#9 or something, but people I know usually just call it "that Hendrix
chord."  That's the verse part, and the chorus is just drums.  

C?  Hey mister, don't look down on me
E?  For what I believe (etc.)

It goes intro-verse-chorus-solo (over verse)-verse-chorus

the outro is just E- --0000000------

I just use the E-Pentatonic scale on the twelth fret for the solo...
I'm sure d would approve

Here's the Bass

For the intro, just stand there and look cool.  When the guitarist starts
slamming on E?, the second bar come in with G---/9 and hold it.
Then go into
  C?                              E?

I think it varies a little bit, but Watt is real hard to tab.  Enjoy, and
e-mail me with some more Minutemen, DK, or Living Colour tab if ya get any.
John Crosier