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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 1995 00:00:58 -0600
From: jtb@xmission.com (J.T. Broderick)
Subject: CRD Corona by Minutemen

by D. Boon
"Double Nickles On The Dime", SST Records, 1984
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Intro (general idea, may not be exact!):

G   Bm          D
The people will survive
G          Bm     D
In their environment
Am        D             G
The dirt, scarcity, and emptiness
Bm     D
Of our South
G     Bm              D
The injustices of our greed
G   Bm           D
The practices we merit
    Am    D            G
The dirt, scarcity and emptiness
Bm     D
Of our South
G       Bm           D
I could see it in my eyes
G     Bm     D
There on the beach
Am D         G
I only had a Corona
Bm         D
Five cents deposit
--Justin T. Broderick
  SLC, Utah