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Five Eight And Ten Chords

     D               Dsus2              G

humble and righteous and meek
are teaching me whose will to seek 
but who really knows how to speak
about these things
questions of where can he go 
when he is feeling so low 
and kicking himself just to show
how he still bleeds

D   A        Hm  G        
and i want to know
the difference between
what's sparkles
and what is gold
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i wonder how many eyes
are fixed like a vultures on me now
i wonder if i can even move or breathe
without disappointing someone
and i know what they call themselves 
but i don't remember inviting them
to put me on this pedestal and make me feel so naked 

afraid to look down 
afraid to turn around

i bring it on myself
i know i bring it on myself
and i want to know
the difference between
what's sparkles
and what is gold

D A D Hm D A G x2

D   G D

    D            Hm                        F#m 
and i walked along beside the purple mountains 
              |G     A|
beneath the orange sky 
imagined what it all might look like with these planks out of my eyes
i wondered if the big white horse was coming down tonight 
i wanted to taste that victory 
but my mouth was dry
my mouth was dry 

D        F#m    D   A
there is only tonight
and the light that bleeds from your heart
makes me want to try and
start again