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Stepping Stone Tab

Ok well this is my first Tab here so go easy :)

There are more than one guitars in this song but I think if you practice the
Tab AND Chords (and see where to swap and change) you can get a great sound
with just the one.

Capo 5.

  C                 C                 C

I then swap to Chords which are:    Am, C, F, G 

(The second guitarist is picking strings from each of these chords in the background)

Am               C
we should have a word together
F               G
I think you and I
Am                   C
we never should have slept together
F                 G (Play this G twice)
never should have tried
[ Tab from: ]
Am               C
we should have a word together
F             G
it's time you understand
Am               C
that I think the situation
F                 G (Play this G twice)
is getting out of hand

***Same Chords throughout the whole song as far as I can tell***
***but for the Chorus I like to roll onto the chords to make it a little***
***different from the rest... (ill show you in a tab at the bottom)***

like a stepping stone a breaking bone
the moves we make alone
still we pretend nothing's wrong at all
you have changed I have changed
in a different way we changed
every step we take we're more alone

we should have a word together
I know that I said
that we were meant to be together
I wish I never had

we should have a word together
it's time we break our fall
because trying isn't always better
than not trying at all

***back up to the chorus**
            Am                  C
G|0-----0h2---2-----2--|0-----0-----0-----0------|   But not for F or G