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Chug A Lug Chords

Chug-A-Lug (Rodger Miller)

(G)Grape wine in a Mason jar, 
home made and (D7)brought to school,
By a friend of mine (G)after class,
Me ‘n him ‘n (D)other fool decide that we’ll drink (G)up what’s left,
Chug-a-lug so we (D7)helped ourselves,
First time for (G)everything, um my ears still ring,


Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug,
make you want a holler (D7)hi-di-ho,
Burns your tummy (G)don’t you know,
(D7)Chug-a-lug, chug-a-(G)lug,
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H. and F.F.a. on a field trip (D7)to the farm, 
me ‘n a friend sneak (G)off behind,
This big (D)old barn where we uncovered,
 a covered up (G)moonshine still,
And we thought we’d (D7)drink our fill,
I swallered it (G)with a smile, u-mm, I run ten miles,

Repeat Chorus

Juke box ‘n sawdust floor, 
something like I ain’t (D7)never seen,
And I’m just going (G)on fifteen,
But with the (D)help of my fanegling uncle, 
I (G)get snuck in, for my first (D7)taste of sin,
I said I never had a (G)big ol’ sip, I done a double back flip,

Repeat Chorus