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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 16:56:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Sundawn99 

This another song from Millencolin: Puzzle.
Please put it up or tell me any necessary corrections with format etc.

Band:     			Millencolin (Nikola, Erik, Mathias, Larzon)
Song:     			PUZZLE
Album:    			FOR MONKEYS
Chords from:,

WE DID IT !!! This is a brand new Millencolin song off their new album FOR MONKEYS. This chord/tab was a load of work, so we'd really appreciate your comments/corrections (if necessary).The powerchords are explained below the song.

INTRO(You gotta find out the rhythm by yourself, something fast):
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A     - E'' - D	------|
A - C#			|- play this progression two times
A     - F#''- E	------|

VERSE 1 (Guitar break / Bass plays alone, Vocals start):

Here we are again with another bunch of soft songs,
C#            D         E''
Maybe you are wondering why it took us so long,
A'  (ska strummin' with clean upstrokes)
With a schedule tight, studiotime in sight, we have mostly been out touring
C#                   D                  E'' (pick scrape guitar 2)
Inspiration has been hard this time and honestly I've had some problems

with all these rhymes.

CHORUS(play loud and with lots of distortion, find the rhythm with the CD):
F#          D                 E''                     A - C#
We're under stress again, but it has always been that way
F#          D                    E''                A - C#
And once we get it right, then I know it's there to stay

A            A  (A*) F#                  D    A	     (