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Butterfly Fly Away Chords

You (B)tucked me in,
Turned (F#)out the lights,
(E)Kept me safe and
(B)Sound at night
(B)Little girls,
de(F#)pend on things like
(E)that. (F#)

You (B)brushed my teeth,
and (F#) combed my hair,
(E)Had to drive me,
(B)You were always
(F#)There when I looked
(E)back. (F#)

You had to (E)do it all a(B)lone,
Make a (E)living, make a (B)home.
It (E)must've been, as (B)hard
As it could (F#)be.

And when I (E)couldn't sleep at (B)night,
Scared things (E)wouldn't turn out (B)right,
(E)You would hold my (B)hand
And sing to (F#)me.
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(B)Caterpillar, (F#)in the tree,
(E)How you wonder, (F#)who you'll be,
(B)Can't go far, but (F#)you can always (E)dream. (F#)
(B)Wish you may, and (F#)wish you might,
(E)Don't you worry, (B)hold on tight,
I (B)promise you, (F#)there will come a (E)day,
(F#)Butterfly fly a(B)way.

(F#)Butterfly fly a(B)way,
(E)Got your wings, now (F#)you can't stay,
(B)Take your dreams and (F#)make them all come (E)true.
(F#)Butterfly fly a(B)way,
(E)We've been waiting, (F#)for this day,
(B)All along, we've (F#)known just what to (E)do,

(E)Butterfly fly a(B)way. X3

Ok I'm only 15 and don't actually play guitar at all, never had any lessons so any 
are welcomed gladly!! Thanks, hope my chords helped, I'm