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Cooler Than Me Tab

I was trying to find a way to play this song without a capo, I knew how to play it on 
piano and just transfered the piano chords to guitar chords. Just made it for beginners 
like me :)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/mike_posner/cooler_than_me_tab_ver_5.html ]
This is the main part played over and over again 7 times, don't play the low E, A and D 
string except for the last part.
E |--3--3----1--1-----------3------------------------|
B |--4--4----3--3-----------3------------------------|
G |--3--3----2--2-----------3------------------------|
D |--x--x----x--x--------0---------------------------|
A |--x--x----x--x------1-----------------------------|
E |--x--x----x--x----3-------------------------------|

After playing that other part 7 times you go over to this;
E |--3--------5---------|
B |--4--------6---------|
G |--3--------5---------|
D |---------------------|
A |---------------------|
E |---------------------|

Then you play the main part again