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Unsafe Building Acoustic Chords

C          Csus4       C      
Declare yourself an unsafe building
C           Csus4      C       Fmaj7 Fsus4
Suffer the indignation of your world
C             Csus4          C         Csus4
To climb the ladders you've gotta suss out the snakes
C          Csus4
Remember your height 
C           Csus4       Fmaj7  Fsus4  
Remember to never look down
Am       Am(maj7)          
For now you've made your choice
Am/G                 Am/F#  
You've gotta take a chance
               Fmaj7 Fsus4
Find a way out now
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C Csus4    Fmaj7 Fsus4    C  Csus4  
I, I have declared myself unsafe
        Fmaj7 Fsus4    Am 
I have declared myself unsafe
Am(maj7) Am/G              Am/F#
Unsound, unknown,unwanted, unnecessary
          Fmaj7 Fsus4
I've been condemmed
       C Csus4     Fmaj7 Fsus4
Oh I'm unsafe, I'm unsafe

Behind the wardrobe there lies a better land
Burn all your old clothes start again make yourself something new
Because the bed you've made you need not sleep in it
Throw back the covers and make all of your dreams come true
Rebuild your life 
Rebuild your home 
Rethink your values
Rethink yourself right through

Am(maj7) X02110
Am/G     3X2210
Am/F#    2X0210
Fmaj7    033210
Fsus4    033010
Csus4    X30010