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Cigarette Chords

I couldn't see any Mike Mentz tabs on UG at all so I decided I'd add what I worked out a 
few months ago

here is Mike's website: http://mikementz.com/

The first bit is E, B, A chords repeated:


Then it's:

and we'll burn down

         C#m               B   A  (B is a kind of middle chord- sliding the changes 
makes it sound cool)
all the way 'till we lose our light

and baby for now

we're burning bright

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/mike_mentz/cigarette_crd.html ]
The chorus uses the original E B A pattern

               E B A
We want to rush

        E B A
Right In

         E      B A
Make a beeline reeling

                                             E B A
straight for this feeling that we're feeling

       E B A
with no

       E B A

           C#m          B
from the sparks in our hearts we're

  A               B
burning like a cigarette

and then the rest leads on from there

If you want me to do any corrections or to add the bridge, email me at: UGstan@greenfamily.me.uk