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Mike McGear (ne McCartney) - - "LEAVE IT"
Chords by Jimmy Curtis:  jude45@netdoor.com

E                       A
I dearly love her artichokes
B                 E      
Their continental flavor makes me choke
A            B                E      B
Satisfied inside like vinaigrette
E                  A
Like an old brown photograph
B                 C#M
Her memory paints forever Polaroid
A               B               E
Pictures of the day she came my way
Did she stay?
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C#                 E
She didn't want to leave it  

She didn't want to leave it
She didn't want to leave it
D          A                 E A E A E A E A
Leave it baby it's gone away

Peeling off her underwear 
She makes me think of daisies shedding their
Silver metal petals in the air

Sssupersonic autograph
For simple stage door Johnny was a laugh
On the stairway to the star she cried
Cause she lied

             Repeat chorus
E            A
Come on baby don't me late
C#M                   B
I want to help you to celebrate
E                  A
Come on leave your world behind
(A)B     (A)B     (A)B     (A)B               E     A E A E A E A
Leave it Leave it Leave it Leave it It's gone away