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Deliver Us Chords

Deliver Us
Mike McClure

C                      F              C
Pick up your troubles, pick up your blues
C                       G   C
Take ‘em on down to the river
C                          F       C
In the name of the Father and the Son
C                            G    C
In the name of the one that delivers

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F                    C       
Deliver us from the wicked one
Let the water wash away all our sins
F                       C                 
Lift up our souls on a rock that don’t roll
                            G    C   
Scatter our troubles in the four winds

C                         F            C 
Lay down your heartache, lay down your loss
C                             G  C
Lay them down at the feet of Jesus
C                          F           C  
When we have feelings that we are not worthy
C                        G    C 
Just like the sparrow he sees us

 (Chorus x2)