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Between Two Thieves Chords

Between Two Thieves
By Mike McClure

Intro Chords:

Am  G  F twice

Am     G                F
On the third day He had risen
Am    G                F    
Just like He said He'd do
Am             G              F 
And Hell would not become His prison
Am           G                 F
He broke the chains for me and you
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              C                    G
In a crown of thorns, they hung my Lord
F                            C        G
They pierced his body with a soldiers sword
          Am                 G
But He forgave them and that spirit
C         C/B   Am            F
Brings me to my knees for the One 
          G                Am       G   F
That they hung between two thieves

Am  G  F

Then He went to His disciples
They put their hands in the nail scarred hand
And to those who had been doubting
They felt the power of God's plan