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Acceptance Chords


|E  G  |A    :|| x 2

|E  G  |A     |

I must go to where I belong
I must go to where I've been
I must go to where I am loved
I must go where I'll never be seen

Then I heard a sound in the night
"Someone still loves you someone still cares,
When you wrap your arms around them,
They feel loved and don't feel scared."

BB    (Strum two quick B chords)

|C  Bb  |F    |
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But now it's all right for me to run scared
Whispers in the night are becoming scarce
If you don't look where your're going
You never know where you're gonna get

Bb   (Two quick strums of B)

Solo     (Chords to play with solo)
|E  G  |A    :||  Repeat as many times as necessary

A           G
People all around the world
A              G
All the little boys and girls
    Bb                         C
Are wonderin' what their gonna be

DD   (Two quick strums of D)

Repeat chorus

Finish on E