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Peter Pan And Me Chords

Peter Pan and Me - Mickey MacConnell

Tabbed by Mark Hewitt

Capo on 2


Bm   E   Bm   E
Bm   E   A    E    E

Verse 1:

   F#m7                                    E
We knew we faced the power that comes from money
        A                                   E
When we marched against the Empire's mighty schemes
          F#m7                               E
They were armed with special powers and legislation
      A                  F#m7              B
While we were armed with youth and foolish dreams

       F#m7               B              E
But it seemed so right in Derry all that summer
        A                F#m7           B
When we took them on and built our barricades
           F#m7            B               E
We were an army dressed in faded jeans and sandals
    A                 F#m7           B
Too young and full of pride to feel afraid
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         F#m7                  B                  E
And we believed in things like justice, truth and freedom
         A               F#m7          B
And we believed we had a right to liberty
         F#m7                 B             E   EM7   C#m
And we believed that we could build a new tomorrow
              F#m7      B             E
That's how it seemed to Peter Pan and Me.

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:

But we soon learned the truth of street rebellion
As that city crumbled 'round us, stone by stone
Betrayed by those who promised they would help us
Against tanks and troops and guns we stood alone

For revolution is no game for foolish dreamers
For dreamers never know the price that must be paid
And before long we learned all power comes from a rifle
And we learned to bleed and die and be afraid

And soon no one cared for justice truth and freedom
And soon no one gave one damn for liberty
For all we hoped was that we might go on surviving.
We grew up fast young Peter Pan and Me.

Repeat Intro

Verse 3:

Then the Empire dealt us death and fear and prison
There's no mercy from that military machine
So our street kids swopped their faded jeans and sandals
For hoods and guns with loaded magazines

And the years have wrought their cruel retribution
And our brothers and our sisters bear the pain
As each side tries for its military solution
And the politicians play their murderous games

And among the dead lie justice, truth and freedom
And among the dead lie hope and liberty
So if you care enough to mourn brave new tomorrows
Pull up a chair, join Peter Pan and Me.