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Lucky Day Chords

                       "LUCKY DAY"
            (Mick Jagger - Goddess In The Doorway)

I know you're living in a fantasy
I know that love has got the best of me
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Dm      Cm
Cash your chips
Dm          Cm      Am
I know you're on the slide
Dm     Cm
Trust in me
Dm         Cm      Am
For I will be your guide
it's your lucky day baby
it's your lucky day baby
Dm            Cm
It's the only way
Dm          Cm     Am
To leave this town behind
Dm       Cm
The only way
Dm          Cm     Am
To leave this town alive

it's your lucky day....

the rest of the song is based on the same chord changes
maybe I'll post the rest of the lyrics soon as well
the rythym is very funky and the melody is very catchy
the song grooves real hard! Hats off to Mick!