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The Tender Chords

Am                                     F               G
Keep their spirits up Frank, all for some so some for all,
      Am                        F               G
The only spirits here man are hanginí off the wall,
            Am                        F                  G
Yeah, you know as well as I do, that we donít serve up cheer,
      Am                                 F                  G
When they come for anaesthetics and itís been this way for years,
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They empty out their glasses,#
Fill Ďem up with tears,
One for the road, one for the road,
That leads them right back here,

     Am            G
To rain on their troubles,
 Am            G
Wash Ďem down deep,
     F            C
And play in the puddle,
              Em     Am
Till theyíre fast asleep.

Now Joe he lost his woman to some big-shot business man.
He said I trusted love not money and now look where I am.
Youíve had enough Joe, you gotta go now.
Youíve too much Joe, I send you home now.

And he says please Frank, please Frank.
But I am just the tender, I donít give counsel I donít get close,
Iím on no rescue mission man, Iím in no rescue boat,
Iím here to make money,
Wages plus tips,
For pouring water
Into sinking ships.