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Christmas Past Chords

Off the White Lies album great song.

Mick play's this one on the piano hitting single root bass notes
which gives it that haunting sound.

Intro: | Dm | F | C | Am | (x4)


Dm             F       C    Am
Snowmen in the field I see,
         Dm                 F         C    Am
Ride the coal bags down the hill with me.
         Dm                F     C    Am
Hey look you got Rudolph's nose,
       Dm                F     C    Am 
Put my hat on you'll get cold.
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F                         C
Now let's have a snowball fight,
  Am                    Dm
I always want you on my side.
F                         C
Sit down by the fire with me,
      Am                          Dm
Let's try and climb the Christmas tree.


And you and I alone will go,
I will walk you all the way back home.
And we will talk about the school and things,
And I will see you tomorrow please.

Oh yeah I forgot this part,
This is where you break my heart.
You told me that you loved me then,
Did you really mean it friend.


    Dm                  Gm
And don't go telling me lies love,
            Dm                      C
Tell me the truth love, tell me the truth love.
      F                        Gm
Cause that way I won't have to know love,
Won't have to see love.
              C              Am
Won't have to ask the ghost,
Of Christmas past.

Outro: | Dm | F | C | Am | (x4)

Another great song of Mick's, hope you enjoyed it.



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