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Stewarts Coat Bass Tab

Michelle Branch - Stewart's Coat
Tabbed By: Patti
EMail: hpatti13@hotmail.com

Here's the bass tab for Stewart's Coat by Michelle Branch... 
This is a really great song and pretty easy to figure out to. Enjoy!

~~Tabbed out by Patti Hurton (04/06/02)~~

 (*)- only played at the begining of the song
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/michelle_branch/stewarts_coat_btab.html ]
You reapeat this through out the whole song...         
         |                   |

When she sings "I know it takes love....", stop playing. Pick up 
the bass line above again, right when she sings "... hold on to".
Continue playing it untill the end of the song.

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