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Leap Of Faith Chords

Leap of Faith 
Michelle Branch
I left out the bridge

Fmaj7 C7 Gsus Am-Am7-Am x2

C   G            Am
One less call to answer,
C       G       Am
feeling full of despair,
      F       C       G
don't think I can get through it,
C    G        Am
just one last prayer.

Searching for the answer,
nobody seems to care,
Oh how I wish that you were here,
beside me,
to wipe away my tears.
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Waiting for the answer,
remembering times we would share,
somehow I feel you here beside me,
even though your not there.

And it's a leap of faith,
C          G                         Am	
when you believe there's someone out there,
F      C                          G               Am
it's a leap of faith when you believe that someone cares, oh,
F          C           G  
and when I call out to you,
              Am        F      G
will you be right there,
           C G Am x2 
right there.

chords for intro
Famj7  xx3213
C7  x32013
Gsus  320013
Am  x02210
Am7  x02213