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Here With Me Tab

Here With Me
(M. Branch/J. Shanks)
From the album "The Spirit Room"
Transcribed by Colleen Plein (ThinknOfU3@aol.com)
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Chords:   Am   Em   G   F      F   C   Dm
E          0    0   3   1  or  1   0    1
B          1    0   3   1      1   1    3
G          2    0   0   2      2   0    2    (I play the barred F)
D          2    2   0   3      3   2    0
A          0    2   2   X      3   3    X
E          X    0   3   X      1   X    X

X - means don't strum that string

Verse riff:
    Am                       Em                (end) Fmaj7
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            Am                      Em
It's been a long, long time since I looked into the mirror
             Am                   Em  
I guess that I was blind now my reflection's getting clearer
Am                               Em                Fmaj7
Now that you're gone things will never be the same again

There's not a minute that goes by every hour of every day
You're such a part of me but I just pulled away
Well I'm not the same girl you used to know
I wish I said the words I never showed

                  Am    G      Em          F
I know you had to go   away, I died just a little
      Am      G              Em    F
And I feel it now you're the one I need
    Am         G       Em         F
I believe that I would cry just a little
        Am       G        Em        G             Am
Just to have you back now here with me, here with me

You know that silence is loud when when all you hear is your heart
And I wanted so badly just be a part 
Of something strong and true but I was scared and left it all behind

Repeat Chorus

Em           C
     And I'm asking
Em          C              Dm              Fmaj7
    And I'm wanting you to come back to me please

I never will forget that look upon you face
How you turned away and left without a trace
But I understand that you did what you had to do
And I thank you

Repeat Chorus 

-There it is!  A very cool song, I must say.  As always, any
 questions, comments and suggestions please send e-mails to
 ThinknOfU3@aol.com.  Enjoy!
			-Colleen Plein