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There is NO f in that song. Where did you guys get that? I watched the acoustic preformance she did, and she used a little "inventive" chord there. I dont know what you'd call it.

*ok look heres what the chord looks like incase you get confused.
(just like C only the top two strings are moved down one each)
                   I called it X for now.

 fret#1  fret#2  fret#3
E------ ------- -------- My friend is a first time guitar
B--O--- ------- -------- player, and thought this was the
G------ --O---- -------- best way to explain it to those, 
D------ ------- ---O---- who don't fully understand the
A------ ------- -------- tabs. She told me to post it....
E------ ------- -------- That's how I taught it to her.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/michelle_branch/everywhere_crd_ver_2.html ]
The verse:
(Am)Just tell me (C)how I got (G)this far 

(Am)Just tell me why (C)you're here and (G)who you are 

'Cause every (Am)time I look 

you're (C)never (G)there 

And every (Am)time I sleep 

you're (C)always(G) there 

'Cause you(X)'re (C)every(G)where to me 

And when I (X)close my (C)eyes (G)it's you I see 

You're every(X)thing I know 

that (C)makes (G)me believe 

I'm not (X,C,G)alone 
I'm not alone 

And when I touch your hand 
It's then I understand 
The beauty that's within 
It's now that we begin 
You always light my way 
I hope there never comes a day 
No matter where I go 
I always feel you so 
 ****Thats for the beginners, if it helps then Im glad.