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Michelle Branch
Hotel Paper
2003 Maverick Records
Submitted by canuck_inbred@yahoo.com

You will noticed that the tuning for this song is DECEIVING!!! because you think that
your guitar was already tuned correctly!!! the fact is I am one of the persons who
discovered that the Tuning for the guitars of this song should be higher than E but
lower than F in the first top string. It means you have to tune up 1/4 step first.
For 1/2 step, it's only sharps(#) and flats(b) except E and B then F and C.

Tuning: Irregular; tune 1/4 step E+ A+ D+ G+ B+ e+ and a CAPO ON FIRST FRET of your
guitar just like standard but higher a little. What is your interpretation to irregular
tune? As I mention why I place + symbols after each note beacuse there is an irregular
tune that is higher than E but lower than F.Yes It's true!!! As I tune my guitar, these
irregular tunes won't equalize to neither E or F at your sixth string and the other
below strings too!!!! Still confused?

here is a little chart for irregular tunes and their equivalent.

C+=C#- such that + means upper the tune while - means lower down.
D+=D#- or Eb-
D#+ or Eb+=E-
E+=F- is used in this MICHELLE BRANCH song BREATHE
F+=F#- or Gb-
F#+ or Gb+=G-
G+=G#- or Ab-
G#+ or Ab+=A-
A+=A#- or Bb-
A#+ or Bb+=B-

other songs with irregular tunes

BBMAK=Back Here, tuning: same here and first note is Em
Good Charlotte=Hold On, tuning: same here and first note is C
Michelle Branch=Paper Pieces, tuning: E- A- D- G- b- e- and first note is G#m

So get it? If not just e-mail me

Chords used in this song

Aadd9-  x02200 or x024x0
E/G#-   4xx45x or 476xxx
C#m7-   x46454
Bsus3-  x244x0
B-      x24442
E-      022100
A-      x02220
C#m-    x46654

hey!!! let's start the song now!!! I think I explained it a lot for you guitar
players!!!! Trust me!!! I'm telling the truth that the standard E A D G B e tuning
is not enough to play this song because you will say that your guitar is too low for
tune even your guitar was already tuned correctly.Here it goes!

                      MICHELLE BRANCH ROCKS!!!!!!

Again tuning: E+ A+ D+ G+ B+ e+ then Capo on first fret. Actually if you don't want to
use a capo, you can still play this song but still using an irregular tune for F+ A#+
D#+ G#+ C+ f+ so in mathematical expression from E to F is 1/2 step up then F to F+ is
1/4 step therefore 1/2 + 1/4=3/4 step up is needed without a capo while E to E+ is only
1/4 step up if you need a capo on first fret. Clear? Now I promise you that the tuning
1/4 step will sound very excactly as you hear the song and pardon me for my redundancy.
Here it goes!!!
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/michelle_branch/breathe_crd_ver_3.html ]
        Aadd9 (x2)          E/G#   (x2)

Verse 1:
I've been driving for an hour
Just talking to the rain
        C#m7                  Bsus3
You say I've been driving you crazy
         Aadd9        Bsus3
And it's keeping you away
So just give me one good reason
Tell me why I should stay
                     C#m7          Bsus3
'Cause I don't wanna waste another moment
                    Aadd9          Bsus3
In saying things we never meant to say

Refrain 1:
    B E  Aadd9
And I    take it just a little bit
B E  Add9
I    hold my breath and count to ten
B   E       Aadd9         B         E       Aadd9(Hold)
I've   been waiting for a chance to let you in

          Aadd9        Bsus3
If I just      breathe
C#m7            Aadd9
Let it fill the space between
     E    E/G#          Bsus3  Aadd9
I'll know everything is alright
C#m7         Aadd9
Every little piece of me
You'll see
C#m7          Bsus3
Everything is alright
          Aadd9   A-C#m-Bsus3
If I just breathe

Verse 2:
Well it's all so overrated
I'm not saying how you feel
       C#m7            Bsus3
So you end up watching chances fade
    Aadd9            Bsus3
And wondering what's real

Refrain 2:
    B E Aadd9
And I   give you just a little time
  B E Aadd9
I     wonder if you realize
B   E      Aadd9          B      E       Aadd9(Hold)
I've  been waiting 'til I see it in your eyes

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

Bridge: (Plucking)
         Aadd9 E C#m7 Bsus3
If I just breathe
Aadd9  E C#m7 Bsus3 Aadd9
E      E/G#    Bsus3  Aadd9
  So I whisper in the dark
E               E/G# C#m7 Aadd9 E E/G#
  Hoping you'll hear      me
Bsus3         Aadd9  E C#m7 Aadd9(hold)
Do (Bsus) you hear          me?

(Repeat Chorus)
Aadd9 Bsus3 C#m7 Aadd9  E E/G# Bsus3
   Breathe..............  yeah yeah
Aadd9  Bsus3    C#m7   Aadd9
  Everything is alright
             E  C#m7 Bsus3
if I just breathe

          Aadd9   Bsus3  C#m7 Aadd9
I've been driving for an hour
     Aadd9   E      Aadd9(Hold)
Just talking to the rain