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You will probably think this sucks Cuz ive only been playing guitar for about 2
months, but I still think it sounds right like this (It isnt too different from
the other posts) Tabbed by Eleisha Purton

Em  D    C      G6      Em  D      C9    G6
 I wanted to be like you, I wanted every-thing

Em  D      C9      G6      Em    D     C9      G6     D
 So i tried, To Be Like you, and I got swept a-waaa---ay

Em      D         C9        G6       Em           D          C9           G6
I didnt know that It was so cold and, you needed someone to show you the way
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Em             D       C9          G6       Em         D                      
So I took your hand and we figured out that, when the tide comes 

    C9         G6   D
i'll take you a-waaa-ay


Em     C9      G       D
If you want to, I can save you

Em    C9        G         D
I can take you away from here

Em        C9    G        D
So Lonely inside so busy out there

Em          C9         G            D
And all you wanted was somebody who cares

Verse 2- same as verse 1, just work out the changes...

And yeah the last part is just the same as the first tab so theres no point in typing it out.