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You Awful Me Chords

You Awful Me
Tuning: Standard

Am  G Em  F  C  D
-0 -3 -0 -1 -0 -2
-1 -0 -0 -1 -1 -3
-2 -0 -0 -2 -0 -2
-2 -0 -2 -3 -2 -0
-0 -2 -2 -0 -3 -x
-x -3 -0 -x -x -x

Intro: Am,G,Em,F

Am               G                 Em             F
Lately I've been thinking less and less about the world
              Am           G                    Em    F
the flies all die, singing songs and dead birds flying.
Am           G                 Em            F
Nothing ever seems so wrong, I never seem to make sense.
     Am           F
I am trying, I am trying.
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Am           G           Em                     F               Am
Maybe I just laugh to instigate the things I've done and I feel normal.
       G                Em          F
I must find the rest of pieces left behind.
         Am                  G
Father's Daughters, seems so binding.
    Em                F
And Domestic Violence shy 
           Am             F
and she is crying, she is crying.

Am                C              D                F
You've brought me into this dark dismal blackened place, 
Am  F     Am
You awful me.

Am,G,Em,F x3

Am       G                  Em       F                   Am          
Hold her hands so she can't move and make her shut her mouth.
      G                 Em            F
Make a mess of my life, restraint for control.
         Am        G             Em                F
Kill her slow Disassemble one by one the ties that bind.
       Am           F
She is dying she is dying.

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