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Grace Chords

By Mickykeats

by Michael W Smith and Martin Smith

Capo 3

Verse 1:
G                      Em7    
  I was lost when you found me here 
Bm/D                      Cmaj7 
  You pulled me close and held me near 
G                     Em7    
  And I'm a fool but still you love 
Bm/D                        Cmaj7 
  I'll be your fool for the king of love 
G                    Em7    
  He gave me wings so I could fly 
Bm/D                    Cmaj7 
  And gave me a song to color the sky 
G                   Em7    
  And all I have is all from you 
Bm/D                Cmaj7 
  And all I want is all of you 
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      C2      G		 Bm/F#	  	   Em
It's grace, grace, I'm nothing without you
  C2	      G			D	Dsus   D
Grace, your grace, shines on me 

Verse 2:
G                                   Em7    
  And there've been days when I've walked away 
Bm/D                         Cmaj7 
  Too much to carry, nothing left to say 
G                           Em7    
  Forgive me Lord, when I'm weak and lost 
Bm/D                       Cmaj7 
  You traded heaven for a wooden cross 
G                             Em7    
  And all these years you've carried me 
Bm/D                         Cmaj7 
  You've been my eyes when I could not see 
G                          Em7    
  And beauty grows in the driving rain 
Bm/D                          Cmaj7 
  Your oil of gladness in the times of pain 

	   C		   G
Shines on me, shines on me
     Bm/F# 		     Em
Iím everything with you You
	   C		   G
Shines on me, shines on me
Itís your grace